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Garisar Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste

Garisar Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste

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Ingredients: Hazelnut (80 %), Sugar

Net WT:  6.3 oz (180gr)

Our Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste is produced using only powdered sugar with the traditional method, without additives, without preservatives; from Giresun quality whole plump hazelnuts.

  • The traditional method
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.

Whole Hazelnut, Double Taste

We have specially prepared this Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste jar for those who want to enjoy the natural taste of hazelnuts.

 Reach the authentic hazelnut flavor with just a single spoon and experience the pure and natural aroma at the peaks.Only high-quality Giresun chubby hazelnuts are in this jar. There is never room for shredded, stranded hazelnuts like the other brands.

Garisar Hazelnut Paste is from the world’s best hazelnuts, without additives, and double roasted…

Our Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste From the Homeland of Hazelnut

Giresun is known as the homeland of hazelnuts and the place that has the best quality hazelnuts in the world.

We carefully collect Giresun hazelnuts, blooming in the warm winter months and maturing in the high humidity summer months, from the hazelnut orchards on the lands stretching from the seaside to the villages at high altitudes.

Garisar Hazelnut Paste consists of hazelnuts, the quality of which is registered with a geographical indication and gains its unique oily and delicious aroma only through the characteristics of the geography where it is grown.

Indicator of Naturalness: Purity

We use natural hazelnuts in 80% of its content, using only powdered sugar with traditional methods, without additives or preservatives. It gets its authentic taste from the best quality of Giresun Hazelnut, which has a worldwide reputation. We only use powdered sugar to double its flavor and aroma, and we prepare Garisar Hazelnut Paste for you to enjoy natural hazelnuts free of artificial flavors!

Giresun Hazelnut

Giresun Hazelnut has a unique taste and aroma, distinguishing it from other hazelnut varieties.Giresun Chubby Hazelnut has brown and shiny lobes and slightly hairy ends with a hard, thin, and shiny crust, but its internal fullness is exquisite.

Since the thin brown membrane covering the natural inner circumference is very thin, it is easily separated during roasting. As being one of the most nutritious nuts, hazelnut is rich in beneficial fats, iron, potassium, calcium, and zinc; it also contains vitamins B and C.

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