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Garisar Plain Tahini Halva

Garisar Plain Tahini Halva

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Tahini Halva Ingredients: Tahini (60%), Sugar, Soapwort Water

Net WT: 10.6 oz (300gr)

This Plain Tahini Halva is produced with the traditional method, using only beet sugar and celandine juice from tahini, which is produced from the local sesame grown in Soke and Milas region, without additives, without preservatives, produced in a special stone mill with the traditional method.

  • The traditional method
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.

The Taste that Become Addiction

Your taste threshold will be raised by the powerful flavor and high tahini content of Garisar Tahini Halva

The tastiest tahini halva there is you might not want to eat another halva after tasting Garisar Plain Tahini Halva. Because we plant our sesame seeds in healthy soil that is stained with the hue of the sun’s golden rays in order to produce tahini that is the ideal consistency. These trees that grow and yield fruit with natural mineral waters are where we currently get the most natural form of sesame, which serves as the major component of halva, the distinctive health remedy that dates back thousands of years.

With the unique smell of sesame you will smell as soon as you open the lid of Garisar Tahini Halva, you will understand this special place that halva has had for centuries and you will not want to eat another halva again.

Ancestral Seed from the Unique Nature of Milas | Plain Tahini Halva

We use conventional techniques and a unique formula that has been around for 140 years to make Garisar Plain Tahini Halva. Of course, using traditional yellow sesame seeds cultivated in Milas’ distinctive environment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the sesame seeds we grow in this unique region, which has been home to a variety of civilizations, are also unique.

There is only room for the most natural and the best

We exclusively utilize beet sugar and soapwort water in order for Garisar Tahini Halva, which contains 60% tahini, to get the ideal flavor. It is hand-made in 100-pound pieces by forging with special gloves in steel tins by our craftsmen who represent the 6th generation with 140 years of experience. If the optimal consistency it should have is not achieved, no tahini halva can have the Garisar label. Because there is only room for the perfect one.

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