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Garisar Stone Mill Tahini

Garisar Stone Mill Tahini

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Ingredients: 100% Sesame

Net WT: 7.5 oz (200gr)

It is produced special stone mill with the traditional method, without additives, without preservatives; from Soke and Milas sesame

  • The traditional method
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.
Garisar Stone Mill Tahini

Centennial Recipe, Legendary Taste

Sesame, which is the oldest and unique seed used by human beings, is ready to conquer your heart with its delicious taste coming from centuries ago.

Well, how? We process the sesame seeds that we obtain from the soils, whose water, soil and climate are carefully selected, with the traditional method that has not changed for 140 years, and then we obtain Garisar’s tahini with the perfect texture.Here is the exact secret of the smooth texture when you immerse your spoon into the jar.

 With the unique taste it leaves on your palate and instant creamy feel of Garisar Tahin, all the other sesames will become ordinary for you. Now, are you ready to meet the real delight of sesame?

From the Fertile Soils of Söke Plain to You

We prepare our tahini in the jar with the sesame seeds we cultivate in Söke and Milas, which have rich clayey and calcareous soils.Porous, medium-heavy clay and humus soils of Söke Plain provides us with the most delicious sesame! Fot gourmets looking for the most nutritious and natural, we are expertly growing these unique small grains appearing in basins rich in organic matter.

 Garisar Tahin emerges when Sesame seeds that are rich in premium quality oil, vitamin and iron are crushed with the most meticulous method making it as exceptional as possible.

To Consume with Peace in Mind

While obtaining Garisar Tahini, we make sure not only of the quality of the sesame seeds, but also of the perfection of the whole process. For this reason, we choose the ideal one among the precious stones that we have chosen from the Foça Mountains, which have been used since ancient times. We grind only the grains of which we are sure of the quality with the help of Foça Stone, which does not contain any chemicals. Thus, we ensure that the nutritional values of sesame are not lost. Garisar Tahini differs from other tahini with its taste, naturelness high consistency and oil content as it is obtained with the traditional recipe.

Garisar Stone Mill Tahini
Garisar Stone Mill Tahini

The Sesames that Present the Luxury Content Generously

Sesame nourishes the entire body, from the digestive system to the circulatory system, as well as the immune system thanks to its high iron content, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants.Sesame, a real powerful, energizing source of antioxidants is also considerably rich in Vitamin E.

 With the lignans like sesamin and sasamol in its structure, it lowers cholesterol levels. Latest research show that use of 40 g sesame every day for four weeks lowers both total cholesterol levels as well as bad cholesterol levels.

Besides it embodies Calcium resulting in increase of body immunity and minimizing the risk of catching a cold.Garisar Tahin is ready for meeting your energy needs with the most delicious/delightful way possible!

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