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Garisar Wild Blackberry Jam

Garisar Wild Blackberry Jam

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Ingredients: Wild Blackberry (80 %), Rock Sugar, Lemon Juice

Net WT: 8.4 oz (240gr)

It is produced from blackberries that grow wild in nature, without additives, without preservatives, by using rock sugar with the traditional method.

  • The traditional method
  • It grows wild at an altitude of 2000.
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.
Garisar's Wild Blackberry Jam

Taste Is As Wild As Its Essence!

The secret of that crunch you will hear in every bite you get from this jar is the gift of wild nature…We carefully picked each fruit in Garisar Wild Blackberry Jam from thorny branches.

 The privileged taste, unique color, and the scent of wild blackberry invite you to the world of hidden flavors…

Garisar's Wild Blackberry Jam

The Taste That Welcomes Us At The End Of Long And Thorny Roads

Wild blackberry grows naturally in forest areas under challenging geographical conditions, unlike ordinary large blackberries. We carefully collect our wild blackberries from the steep slopes of the mountains along the southern coast of the Black Sea.

In order to prepare you this unique taste, our adventure begins with the first sun of summer every year. At the end of long and thorny roads, we reach that crunchy flavor of wild blackberry for you.

Tradational Method

We prepare our Garisar Wild Blackberry Jam with the traditional method, using only rock sugar and real lemon juice, without any additives or preservatives. We invite you to a unique taste discovery with 80% wild blackberry content.

Garisar's Wild Blackberry Jam

Wild Blackberry

It grows naturally in forest areas. The fruits are smaller and sweeter. It has various aromatic flavors according to the geography where it is grown. It contains many other beneficial components such as vitamins C, A, K, folate, potassium, and polyphenol. Especially thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it helps suppress fat accumulation and aids in weight loss.

Garisar's Wild Blackberry Jam
Garisar's Wild Blackberry Jam
Garisar's Wild Blackberry Jam
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