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Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade Sugar Free - Garisar

Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade Sugar Free - Garisar

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Ingredients: Wild Cornelian Cherry (80 %), Wild Apple, Lemon Juice

Net WT: 7.5 oz (200gr )

Our Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade is produced using only real lemon juice with the traditional method, without additives, without preservatives; from mountain cornelian cherry and apple that grow wild in the high altitude of the Gumushane plateaus.

  • The traditional method
  • It grows wild at an altitude of 2000.
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.
Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade Sugar Free - Garisar

Benefits And Flavor Is Great Than Itself

We invite you on a journey in the secret world of wild fruits. The end of this journey leads to one of the most secluded corners of nature, to the cranberries that dominate the steep slopes.We gathered these small, sourish, and bright red fruits in season while they were full of flavor and benefit.

 We carefully prepared them without any artificial flavoring and sweetener.

Wild cornelian cherries are waiting for you in their most natural form!

Taste That Reigns, Challenging Geography, Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade

In the heart of the Eastern Black Sea Region, amidst its rugged and demanding landscapes, we gather the finest cornelian cherries. These robust fruits thrive in the challenging terrain of Gumushane's mountain chain, where the soil is sandy, well-drained, and enriched with organic matter, creating the perfect conditions for their growth. Patiently awaiting the initial months of autumn, we carefully harvest the most exquisite yield from the cornel trees. Flourishing at high altitudes, in regions abundant with water and rainfall, these cherries mature late but bear unparalleled flavor. It's from these natural orchards that we exclusively bring you the essence of authenticity — the exceptional Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade.

All Your Vitamins in One Spoon Of Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade

We prepare Garisar Sugar-Free Cornelian Cherry Marmalade by sticking to traditional recipes, away from all kinds of artificial flavors, coloring, and preservative additives. Using only limes and lemons, we bring cranberries to their original taste. The jar is 100% made of fruit. While wild mountain Cornelian Cherry constitutes 80%, wild apple and lemon juice form 20%. Thanks to its natural and organic content, it meets a large portion of the vitamin you need daily, even in just a single spoon.

Wild Cornelian Cherry Marmalade Sugar Free - Garisar

Wild Cornelian Cherry

Cornelian Cherry fruit is a treasure with its high vitamin C content and rich components… Furthermore, Cornelian Cherry marmalade has a high nutritional value, supporting the entry of polyphenols and antioxidant compounds that fight cancer cells into the body when consumed regularly.

Wild Cornelian
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