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Wild Strawberry Jam - Garisar

Wild Strawberry Jam - Garisar

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Ingredients: Wild Strawberry (80 %),  Sugar, Lemon Juice

Net WT: Wild 8.2 oz (235gr)

Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam

Presenting Wild Strawberry Jam, a true culinary masterpiece crafted with utmost care and tradition. Our jam is made using only the finest ingredients: beet sugar, real lemon juice, and the luscious mountain strawberries that grow wild in the high altitude of the Black Sea plateaus. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of this exceptional jam, free from additives and preservatives.

  • The traditional method
  • It grows wild at an altitude of 2000.
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.
Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam

Real Strawberry With Real Taste!

Every time you open the lid of Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam, you can feel the spring sun on your skin along with the fresh wild strawberry scent you will feel. For each jar, we have expertly gathered the wild strawberries that grow wild on the vast hills, and carefully prepared them for you, gourmets, using traditional methods without any artificial flavorings and sweeteners.

Real strawberry with its real taste in Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam!

Enhance your culinary adventures with the versatility of our Wild Strawberry Jam. Its rich, velvety texture and intense fruity aroma make it an ideal companion to a wide range of dishes. Spread it generously on freshly baked bread for a delectable breakfast treat or use it as a luscious filling in pastries and desserts. Elevate your cheese platters or charcuterie boards with a dollop of this ambrosial jam for a touch of sophistication.

Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam

Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam, From The Endless Hills To Your Table

We collect our wild strawberries from the high-altitude Black Sea plateaus along the southern coast of the Black Sea, which has endemic geography, with an arduous struggle and care that lasts for days. Wild strawberries, which grow in the wild once a year, sometimes wait for us on the banks of a forgotten stream, at the end of a path, and sometimes at the foot of the mountains.

Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam

All For Natural Aroma!

The biggest feature that distinguishes a wild strawberry from a garden strawberry is its scent and unique aroma. We produce our jam using only beet sugar and lemon juice, sticking to the traditional method, with 80% wild strawberry content so that you can taste this scent and aroma in the best way.Today, even in jams made mostly from garden strawberries, the fruit content is at most 45%. We are aware that using 80% strawberries in wild strawberry jam, which is grown in a limited geography, makes it even more limited. But everything is to preserve the natural aroma of wild strawberries.

Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam
Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam
Garisar Wild Strawberry Jam

About Wild Strawberry

Wild strawberry grows in the wild in a limited geography. Even though it is pretty tiny in size, it is immediately noticeable with its grainy structure and color. This aromatic secret little miracle of nature is extraordinary with its rich content, an entire vitamin store, and unique scent.

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