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High Polyphenol Olive Oil, Garisar Extra Virgin Olive Oil NYIOOC 2023 GOLD MEDAL Winner

High Polyphenol Olive Oil, Garisar Extra Virgin Olive Oil NYIOOC 2023 GOLD MEDAL Winner

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Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil today and experience the magic of its high-polyphenol content and exquisite taste. High Polyphenol Olive Oil

  • High In Polyphenols (> 600 ppm)
  • Low Acidity (max 0.2 %)
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Very Early Harvest
  • Hand-Picked
  • Cold Extraction
  • Single Origin, Unblended
  • Rich Flavor & Aroma
  • Medium Intensity
extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols

The Name is Arbequina.

The ancestor of all trees, a miracle mentioned in all holy books: The olive tree… The fruit of the immortal tree, which is even older than the history of humanity, is the olive. The most unique form of this unique fruit, which has existed for centuries and is a matter of legends, is definitely Arbequina Olive Oil from Garisar. The perfect olive that deserves to be shaped in a decanter which came from organically grown arbequina trees in the rich nature of the Mediterranean climate strips, they can be harvested at the earliest time before they turn yellow/green.

You will see the difference between the oil obtained from distinguished arbequina olives with its taste and small grains, and you will be amazed by its surprisingly high aroma!

We bottled much more than olive oil for you.

extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols

Unique Location, Characteristic Aroma

The most valuable fruit grains; are weights of olive trees grown on fertile and lively soils at an optimum levels, suitable for root production, on slightly sloping lands.For this reason, 600 meters high fertile sections of Manisa-Köprübaşı, the most special region of the Gediz Basin with lakes on three sides, where the sun does not heat the air, position Garisar Olive Oil; we produce from precious olive grains, such as the jewels of the olive trees that we grow organically.

The climate of the Köprübaşı region, which is hot and dry in summer and cold and snowy in winter, gives in olives a unique taste. With base notes of grass, green banana, artichoke, green tomato, and apple; You will see the difference at the first sight of these olives, which have a very high aroma and high ability…

The slightly bitter taste on your tongue, the bitterness that manifests itself in the throat, and that unique bitter taste…

All these indicators point out that the high polyphenol level in it and the phenols that make olive oil valuable are still alive.It can be consumed as a finishing touch in salads, grills, gourmet delicacies, or simply by dipping bread, or even if it can be drunk!

Of Course Early Harvest

We collect arbequina olives, which are entitled to pour their oil into the Garisar Olive Oil bottle, with the first early harvest as soon as September begins. In order to prevent any decrease in nutritional values for effecting it performs we are cold pressing process quickly, under 25 degrees, immediately after picking the olives; We store it in a dark glass bottle to protect it from the sun’s rays. In this way, we can keep the low acidity and high polyphenol level, which are the quality indicators of High In Polyphenol olive oil, at exactly the values should be.

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Only Hand Picked, From The Best Olive Grains…

We select the freshest, youngest lush and perfect olives one by one, without even a scratch on them, pick them by hand from the branch and immediately proceed to the production process with the cold-pressed method. In order to maintain high polyphenol levels and ensure low acidity, we perform all these steps in just a few hours.

extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols
extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols

High Polyphenol Olive Oil, Low acid in one

Garisar Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the food with the highest values in terms of polyphenol content. Polyphenol is important for well-being.

Many of the benefits of olive oil depend on the presence of this substance. Polyphenol contributes to the anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil. It is also an antioxidant that destroys the body’s dead cells by reducing the formation of free radicals in the body.

The polyphenol content of olive oil varies according to the type of olives, the region where they are grown and the time of harvest. While we are preparing our arbequina extra bend olive oil, we show the highest level of sensitivity to all of these variables.

This sensitivity enables us to reach polyphenol values above 600 ppm, which very few oils produced in the world can reach. In the end, we obtain what is as valuable as gold and present it to you…

Another feature that determines the quality of olive oil and increases its well-being benefits is its low acidity. Low acidity contributes to the anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil, as well as protecting heart healthwell-being educing the risk of atherosclerosis (vascular occlusion).

Low acidity also has an effect on the flavor and aroma of olive oil. Olive oil with a low acidity is generally less bitter and less pungent and provides a better flavor. Again, by reaching acid values below 0.2%, which very few of the oils produced in the world can reach, we have brought both our quality and our taste to the highest level.


Olive oil, which has both high polyphenol values and such low acidity and the rarest group. Garisar arbequina extra virgin olive oil will both contribute to your well-being and leave a unique taste on your palate with these two features it brings together.


The arbequina olive tree, a special highly concentrated species, has been used in the production of quality High In Polyphenol olive oil since the Middle Ages. While the origin of arbequina, whose quality has been proven by international referees, dates back to Mesopotamia, it found its place in Spain in the 20th century. At the same time, it has enabled olive cultivation to meet with high technology with its efficiency and oil quality.

We also grow this rare fruit tree organically to reach the delicate flavor we mentioned.The earlier the olives are harvested, the lower the amount of oil, but the higher quality. What makes Garisar Olive Oil special is the perfection of this delicious rare oil… However, this perfection is not only from the fruit grains but also we grow with organic methods; It also stems from the path we follow to obtain its water. Because we extract the olive oil by squeezing directly and traditional methods below 25 degrees without any chemical treatment.

Thus, we reach the most natural and pure olive oil.

Garisar High In Polyphenol Premium Olive Oil is made from high-quality olives that are carefully selected and harvested at the peak of ripeness. The oil is then cold-pressed to preserve its flavor and nutritional benefits, and is bottled in dark glass to protect it from light and oxidation.

Garisar High Polyphenol Olive Oil is a type of extra virgin olive oil that is known for its high polyphenol content. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants found in certain plants, including olives, and are thought to have numerous health benefits.

Extra virgin olive oil is made by cold-pressing olives without the use of chemicals or heat. This helps to preserve the oil's natural flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits. In order for an olive oil to be labeled "extra virgin," it must meet certain quality standards, such as having low acidity and no defects in flavor or aroma.

The source of our unique aroma is our olive groves, which we care about carefully in our arbequina plantations. We are harvesting manually in our gardens at 600 meters above Manisa Koprubasi. After the harvest, we filtered and bottled our olive oil in a few hours with a cold press technique, and then we offered it to your liking.

extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols
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