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French's Classic Yellow Mustard Packets, 500 count - One 500 Count Individual Yellow Mustard Packets, Perfect Single-Serve Size for Delivery and Takeout Orders

French's Classic Yellow Mustard Packets, 500 count - One 500 Count Individual Yellow Mustard Packets, Perfect Single-Serve Size for Delivery and Takeout Orders

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Brand: French's


  • TRADITIONAL TANGY TASTE: French’s Classic Yellow Mustard is an American tradition, beloved for its unmistakable bright yellow color and tangy flavor; this condiment is a Fourth-of-July favorite paired with common foods like burgers and hot dogs
  • PREMIUM, STONE-GROUND BLEND: Crafted using whole, stone-ground, premium mustard seeds for exceptional taste without waste; this mustard contains only the highest-quality mustard seeds for the best flavor and color
  • MADE FOR CHEFS: Blended for culinary professionals, these packets contain a blend of high-quality ingredients for a craveable flavor profile; formula is ideal for consistent performance in every packet; easy to toss into to-go orders
  • CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE: Comes with 7 grams of yellow mustard in each single-serve packet, making it great for everything from tailgating to takeout orders; use to spice up sandwiches, sides and other dishes
  • FEEL GOOD INGREDIENTS: Made without gluten, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, dyes or coloring; enjoy the vibrant color and classic flavor you love from sources you trust

Details: This classic yellow mustard has been a staple at picnics, dinner tables and restaurants for decades. That traditional and recognizable flavor, which has now become the gold standard, is now easier than ever to enjoy on the go. French's individual packets of mustard deliver the same bright yellow color and savory finish that customers have grown to know and love over a century of eating delicious meals with mustard. Each batch of mustards contains only the highest-quality mustard seeds. Certified master grinders carefully stone grind the well-matured, sweet seeds. This practice creates the product's natural color and unmatched taste. They mix in spices and seasonings like turmeric, paprika, salt and garlic powder as well to round out the flavors and create a mild condiment. This condiment will become a kitchen staple quickly — unless it already is one in your family or business. While French's yellow mustard always complements grilled burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, it also works well as a dipping sauce. Now, with single-serve mustard packets, you can provide your customers with the convenience of enjoying this versatile condiment whenever and wherever they'd like. Each packet contains 7 grams of mustard, making it the perfect size for single servings. Whether you add it in takeout or delivery orders, you can enjoy treating your customers to the tangy finishing flavor they crave. Plus, each person can choose the amount of mustard they want on their food with individual packets of mustard. Along with delivering an elevated dining experience, French's classic yellow mustard packets have a taste you can feel good about serving them. Along with being kosher, this mustard contains no artificial colors or preservatives. It's also free of gluten, dairy, soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts and high fructose corn syrup. With zero calories per serving, indulging in a great taste has never been more guilt-free.

Release Date: 16-03-2020

Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 9.9 x 5.4 inches

Part Number: M-183

model number: Ad-bm4-65589

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