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Garisar Stone Mill Sesame Tahini - 100% Turkish Whole Sesame Tahini, Non-GMO, Nut-Free

Garisar Stone Mill Sesame Tahini - 100% Turkish Whole Sesame Tahini, Non-GMO, Nut-Free

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Indulge in the pure essence of Garisar Stone Mill Sesame Tahini, meticulously crafted from 100% Turkish sesame seeds using traditional stone milling techniques. This tahini paste is a testament to purity, free from additives, preservatives, palm oil, and artificial flavors, delivering an authentic taste straight from the fertile lands of Söke and Milas.


  • Pure and Natural: Garisar Tahini is made exclusively from the finest Turkish sesame seeds, ensuring a natural and authentic flavor profile without any additives or preservatives.
  • Traditional Stone Milling: Produced using traditional stone milling methods, our tahini retains optimal nutrient levels, including increased extraction of calcium and iron up to 5 times, providing essential nutrients for a healthy diet.
  • Versatile and Healthy: Perfect for various dietary preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo diets. It's non-GMO, nut-free (peanut-free), and plant-based, offering a nutritious addition to any meal.
  • Culinary Delight: A staple in Mediterranean cuisine, Garisar Sesame Tahini serves as a base ingredient for classic dishes like hummus, halva, and baba ghanoush. Use it as a dressing for salads, desserts, meats, and vegetables, enhancing flavors with its rich, creamy texture.
  • Ideal for Hummus: Our tahini paste is ideal for homemade hummus recipes, enriching your dishes with essential nutrients and a distinctive sesame flavor, surpassing any flavored tahini sauce for dressings and dips.
  • Quality Assurance: Each jar of Garisar tahini reflects our commitment to quality and authenticity, ensuring that every spoonful delivers exceptional taste and nutritional benefits.
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