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Garisar Wild Rosehip Marmalade Sugar Free

Garisar Wild Rosehip Marmalade Sugar Free

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Ingredients: Wild Rosehip (80 %),Wild Apple, Lemon Juice

Net WT: 7.5 oz (200gr)

It is produced using only real lemon juice with the traditional method, without additives, without preservatives; from mountain rosehip and apple that grows wild in the high altitude of the Gumushane plateaus.

  • The traditional method
  • It grows wild at an altitude of 2000.
  • Does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavors.

Pure Fruit, Natural Taste

Rosehip fruits that grow spontaneously in the high-altitude mountains of the Eastern Black Sea Region are almost a reflection of nature with their unique flavor and healing source content.

 This is where the wonderful smell, taste, and color of Garisar Rosehip Marmalade comes from! This unique combination, 80% of which consists of wild rose hips, is prepared to take you on an exquisite journey with its sour yet aromatic flavor and catchy pleasant scent!Are you ready to go on a flavor journey with this small, bright red miraculous fruit hidden in nature?

Self-Grown in Nature, Jarred for You

In the harsh terrain conditions of GumuŇühane, wild rosehip fruit finds its place on the mountains at an altitude of 2000, on steep slopes and rocks, and is fed from humus soils from thorny bushes and we collect them with great devotion. The quality of these wild fruits, which love loose, permeable soils rich in nutrients, increases as the altitude increases. For this reason, only rosehip fruits that grow on the riverbanks and in areas dominated by adjacent mountains are included in jars with the Garisar label. As we wait patiently for the sunny and dry weather for picking, its flavor, naturalness, and maturity reach their peaks.

Traditional Recipe, Pure Fruit​

The bright red rosehip fruit has a laborious preparation process due to its thorny and hairy structure. But its features distinguish it from all other fruits.

As in all Garisar products, we use our traditional recipe when preparing rosehip marmalade, and we use muscatel apple to increase its flavorAfter cleaning these wild-grown red fruits with hairy inside and awn, we simmer them to soften them. Next, we crush the boiled rosehip fruit with a sieve and carefully separate the thorny seeds inside.

 Finally, we pass the rosehip marmalade essence through a large colander and then a heavy colander. After repeating this process many times, we reach that natural and pure Garisar Rosehip Marmalade.

Wild Rosehip Fruit

These tiny miraculous grains, which are the richest fruit in the world in terms of vitamin C, are very powerful antioxidants. Rosehip fruit, which contains 60 times more vitamin C than lemon, is considered a curative food because it has benefits for some existing diseases and prevents possible diseases.

Wild Muscatel Apple

Usually red on one side and yellow and greenish on the other, the wild muscatel apple has a thin crust, a delightful smell, and an exquisite taste.

 The muscatel apple tree, known as the sweetest dessert, grows wild in cold and high-altitude regions with its rigid and durable structure.The unique taste of Garisar Sugar-Free Hawthorn Marmalade comes from these rare and small apples! This jar consists of 100% fruit; we only use wild hawthorn and limes to get its flavor and aroma from nature.

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